Dave Ellis

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6* Licensed Parelli Master Instructor Dave Ellis monitored the development of Zoe.  Follow along as she completes 20 tasks designed by Dave Ellis and approved by Pat Parelli.

Zoe Registration Certificate

Zoe Horsenality Chart


“Zoe” – 2015 chestnut filly

Colonel Doc Bar Chex x Valid Sue Sue by Valid Expectations (TB)

LBE/LBI, medium spirit

Zoe was the first foal born in 2015, and she came into this world confident and curious.  Named after the lead character in the quirky TV series Hart of Dixie, Zoe is smart, enthusiastic and friendly.  A natural leader, she easily directs the herd and tells her herd mates what to do and when.  Zoe is the first to volunteer, whether it’s play time or deworming time, and loves interaction with humans.  With that, she has cherished her preschool sessions and is a fast learner.  If you are looking for a super partner, Zoe’s playfulness and curiosity will make you smile every day.

Zoe qualifies to be nominated to participate in AQHA Ranching Heritage shows and classes. For more information visit parellifoundation.org/ranching-heritage.

Zoe Has Been Sold!

Please Note: Zoe turned three on January 1, 2018. She is a young horse and will need continued development by her new partner. If you are considering buying Zoe, but are concerned about purchasing a three year-old, please contact us. We will help you arrange a plan for her ongoing development. ”

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