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  • To provide educational funding for qualified young horsemen with limited resources to pursue their goals as a Relationship-Based Horsemanship student or professional.
  • To encourage and support youth who have demonstrated a strong desire to advance their horsemanship skills, professional or otherwise.
  • To provide recipients with a foundational framework for future success with equines and being officially assessed under the Parelli Levels program or a comparable program.

Future of Horsemanship Scholarships


The Future of Horsemanship (FOH) Program is for young people from 10 to 24 years old seeking financial assistance to further their Relationship-based horsemanship education. This program is a partnership between the International Horsemanship Foundation (formerly the Parelli Foundation) and motivated students; designed to help younger students move through the Parelli Levels Program or comparable program and to help older students prepare for one of the many careers in the horse industry.


To be eligible for a scholarship all applicants must provide and will be scored on the following criteria:

  • Proof of one of the following:
    • Successful completion of a Parelli Natural Horsemanship (PNH) Level 1 Audition or comparable program
    • Other official evaluation of Relationship-Based Horsemanship skills
    • Video documentation of Relationship-Based Horsemanship skills
    • If you do not meet this requirement, please contact us for information on how to do so.
  • The applicant’s potential for impact within the horse industry
  • Completeness of the application
  • Meets requirements for planned course. May include positive feedback from mentor/PNH/program attending.
  • Demonstrated ambition and core values: attitude, loyalty, dedication, talent.
  • Clear and specific plan for the funding, including budget: Applicant’s overall plan including specific goals, coursework, travel, lodging, boarding, etc.
  • Applicant’s financial request will be weighed against the International Horsemanship Foundation’s budgetary limitations.
  • Repeat applicants must show advancement and meet previous reporting requirements to receive additional funding.

FUNDING: This program will not cover all costs but is designed help stretch the student’s dollars. Students 10-14 years old are eligible to receive a maximum of $600 in scholarship funds per year and those 15-24 years old are eligible to receive a maximum of $1,200 per year.

Scholarships may be awarded to pay for education that meet the following criteria:

  • Courses, clinics, lessons, video coaching, etc. offered by an approved Relationship-Based Horsemanship professional or program within the United States.
  • Official Levels auditions through or comparable program.
  • If you are located outside the United States, you may apply for a scholarship for the following:
    • Video coaching with a United States based professional.
    • Official auditions and other comparable U.S. based learning development program.
    • Happy Horse Happy Life, Parelli Savvy Club, or International Horsemanship Association membership.
    • Travel expenses to or within the United States will be considered for funding only if all educational costs have been covered.
      • International travel expenses will be considered only for applicants 18 years and older.

REPORTING REQUIREMENTS: Participants in this program will be required to document their journey by submitting periodic  updates on their progress with photos, videos and/or short stories.


  • Applicants may apply for FOH scholarship funding each year as they advance through their approved program and their unique personal/professional goals.
    • Must show advancement and meet reporting requirements to receive additional funding.
    • Recipients meeting criteria are encouraged to also apply for an Equine Talent and Career Scholarship once they are 18 years of age.
    • Applicants pursuing higher education or vocational skills must also show successful completion of technical or degree requirements plus progress in developing Relationship-Based Horsemanship skills.
  • Students are encouraged to work with a mentor, such as a Relationship-Based Horsemanship professional. (If an applicant does not have a mentor then the International Horsemanship Foundation will work to help find one.) With the help of their mentor, students will set their personal goals.
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Youth Horsemanship
Youth Horsemanship

Future of Horsemanship Scholarship Application

What You Will Need

Please be sure you have read the Scholarship Criteria on the previous tab at the left.  Applications for students under 18 years of age must be submitted by their parent or guardian.  If you don’t complete your application in one sitting, you may return to it at any time before the deadline to complete it.

The application period for youth scholarships is now closed.  Be sure you are signed up for our newsletter to be notified of the next application period.

Garrett Eigenhuis

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Horses were the furthest thing from my mind when my friend asked me to attend a local “roundup” for kids at a small barn 6 years ago. It was a bright spring day. A gentle breeze cooled us off from the beating Georgia sun. I stood there in my tennis shoes, awkwardly waiting for my turn to get on the horse. Still, to this day, I remember that first ride. How the saddle squeaked under my weight. How looking down on everyone else gave me an excited chill. How, when I looked up and really felt that horse move under me, I felt like I was someone else. Something else. No longer was I entirely me. Something changed—clicked —within me.

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Horses for Orphans Project in Brazil

The boys’ eyes were wide with anticipation as the bags were opened and the Parelli equipment was presented. Two-star Licensed Parelli Professional Debbie Adcock had somehow managed to haul horse blankets, carrot sticks, telescoping poles, and various tack onto several planes, through four airports. After traveling for 2 days, everything had arrived safely. Their smiles were overwhelming.

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