Dec 2014 Board meeting

The Parelli Foundation team during a December strategy meeting after the Tampa, Florida Tour Stop. From the left: Lori Northrup, Theresa Fincher, Dan Rexroad,
June Wall, Kathy Giordano, Kathleen Guerrette-Mitchell , Debbie Adcock, Marilee Donovan, Ashley Boswell, Tina Urbahn, Susan Finco, Donna Blem, Mary Mielczasarek,
Seth Burgess, Ann Kiser, Art Glenn, Pat Parelli and Linda Parelli. Also in attendance were Tammy Barth, Shannon Knapp, Carlos Osorio, Edwin Alderson, and Kris Fulwiler.

We are always looking for talented people who are able to volunteer their time and skills to help us change the world through horsemanship education.

We especially need marketing help, administrative assistance (virtual assistant experience a plus!) — and people with creative and technical skills to help us reach out through the web, mobile devices, and social media. Typically, we are looking for an ongoing commitment of 5 to 10 hours per week, although we also have opportunities for one-time projects.

Current Opportunities

If you have experience with any of the opportunities listed above, we’d love to talk to you. But if that’s not you, don’t worry. We have other opportunities for motivated, enthusiastic Natural Horsemanship enthusiasts who believe that a Natural Horsemanship education is the foundation of a better world for horses and humans.

  • Make a bigger difference to young people.
  • Support the therapeutic horsemanship programs that are benefiting clients through horses.
  • Support the journeys of horsemen who specialize, compete, and achieve in the equestrian world while putting their horses first.
  • Contribute to the welfare of the horse, including reducing the number of unwanted horses, ending abuses that are motivated by winning in the show ring, and providing specialized education to horse rescues, veterinary practices, and other horse care professionals.
  • Contribute to the growth and success of certified Parelli Professionals and their advancing horsemanship to ensure that the Parelli approach continues into many future generations.

Complete the online application, let us know what you’re great at, and let’s see if we have a match.