Volunteers make the Parelli Foundation work

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Parelli Foundation. When someone volunteers, we want to ensure they feel valued and are able to contribute.

So who is considered a volunteer? A volunteer is anyone who is in a position to represent the Parelli Foundation, is given Foundation-related tasks to complete, and who is not being paid for their work. The Parelli Foundation recognizes three levels of voluntary efforts: team leaders, formal volunteers and casual or short term volunteers.

How are volunteers brought on board?

To be selected and assigned tasks, volunteers must first go through the following process:

  1. Applicant fills out a volunteer application (available at our web site, at a tour stop, or by email) and supplies a resume and references.
  2. Applicant references are checked.
  3. Upon approval, applicant is asked to sign a volunteer agreement.
  4. Volunteer is sent welcome documents including a volunteer handbook.
  5. Volunteer is added to volunteer time tracking.
  6. Volunteer is assigned tasks and receives training for the tasks.

All volunteers (except those assigned for time limited tasks such as committee work or assistance with a specific event) must go through this process.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, or know of someone who’d like to volunteer, start the process described above by filling out an application. Then contact Team Coordinator Seth Burgess at seth@parellifoundation.org

Volunteering is a great way to become a true part of the Parelli Foundation experience. We thank you for your interest and your time!