Volunteer Board Member/Secretary

The Parelli Foundation is seeking a new board member to join our volunteer board and to serve as Secretary.  Here are the ideal qualifications for the role:

  1. Experience with being on a non-profit board
  2. Experience with being a non-profit Secretary
  3. Experience with Natural Horsemanship
  4. Willingness to travel and help at events
  5. Ability to talk with new people and build relationships
  6. Experience with and internet connections for computer and cell phone communications
  7. Willingness to make financial contributions to the Parelli Foundation as time goes by
  8. Willingness to remain informed on a weekly basis
  9. Willingness to attend board meetings (usually by Zoom web conferencing and sometimes in person) and be responsive to board communications
  10. Executing the logistics of setting up board meetings and sending reminders
  11. Taking thorough minutes, sending a copy to the President.
  12. Keeping accurate and complete records of minutes, votes, ratifications, resolutions, by-law changes, and any other record-keeping required.
  13. Participating as a member of the Executive Team.
  14. Participating on the Core Team web meetings at least once every 6 weeks.

If you have skills and interest that might qualify you for this opportunity, we encourage you to apply.  Please click below to fill out an application.

Board Member/Secretary Application

Application Deadline, January 31, 2018