Ann Kiser

Ann Kiser – Director of Administration and Special Donors

Back in 1999, I knew that horses had manes and tails, and that was about it. In 2003, I achieved my dream of becoming a Licensed Parelli Instructor, and started teaching throughout Oregon and Washington, eventually becoming a 3-Star Instructor. In 2009, I picked up and moved from my home in Oregon, to work on the Campuses in Colorado and Florida, filling a number of roles through the years, including Linda and Pat Parelli’s Assistant, Professionals Program Manager, and Campus Manager. In 2013 I transitioned to the Parelli Education Institute as the Campus Manager.  Now that the Parelli Education Institute is the Parelli Foundation, and we no longer have a campus to manage, I am working from my home in Oregon as the Director of Administration and Special Donors for the Foundation.

april and sethburgess

Seth Burgess – Director of Operations

Seth is an RBI playing at Level 2-3 with his LBI mare. He rescued April from a very abusive background in 2010. They enjoy trail riding. Seth is retired from 25 years in horse industry personnel consulting as owner/operator of Equimax – Where Jobs and Horse People Find Each Other. Seth is an excellent resource related to career planning in the horse industry. He also has highly developed skills in computer database and software development, video and photography. Seth is committed to making love, language and leadership a way of life not just a goal in horsemanship. Seth’s wife is an Episcopal priest and their family is composed of four horses, four dogs and a donkey.

Susan Walters and Jimmy

Susan Walters – Director of Programs

Susan Walters, CAPT, USN (ret) brings 32 years of leadership experience from a Navy career and follow-on Federal Civil Service.  Her Navy career was highlighted by command of one of the Department of Defense’s largest military prisons.  She has been responsible for program management, large budgets, career development of hundreds of navy Sailors and the positive morale and welfare of the personnel under her command.  Susan has studied natural horsemanship since 2003 and is a Parelli Natural Horsemanship Level III graduate.  She is co-founder of Firefly Station Family Ranch, a (501(c)(3) focused on children and their families building relationships facilitated by her horses.  Susan is a certified facilitator for equine assisted learning and team building.  Susan lives in Millington, TN with her husband Bucky.

Kim Hallin

Kim Hallin – Development Services

Kim Hallin is an accomplished horse trainer specializing in humane methods that uphold the integrity of the horse. She loves to nurture the powerful bonds that can develop between people and animals. Kim recently launched Unbridled LLC, a business that brings humans and horses together in a collaborative learning process designed to enhance leadership and communication skills while developing greater overall self-awareness. To learn more about Kim, please go to

Mary mielczarek

Mary Mielczarek – Mary has always had an interest in horses. When she was a child, she went to Assateague and Chincoteague and actually saw Misty. But it was 2008 before she and her husband actually had horses and found Parelli, the program that has helped them learn and be safe. They have 2 ex-polo ponies.: Sophie, a LBI thoroughbred and Trick an RBI appendix gelding. Mary has just started dressage lessons. Mary is the Assistant Director of her County Public Library. Seeing the big picture, creative problem solving and empathy are her “best” that she brings to her role as Better Best Coordinator for the Parelli Foundation. Mary has three wonderful step daughters and 8 grandchildren. She loves to spend time with her family and friends, to read and to shop. Mary used to play cello in a local orchestra but playing with her horses every day has put the cello aside.

Tina Urbahn

Tina Urbahn Tina has always loved horses. Living in England as a child, she learned to ride feisty little ponies at the age of eight, and has been riding off and on ever since. Last year, she fulfilled her 39-year-old dream of owning her own horse: Phoenix, a Tennessee Walker. Tina, an RBI, is now playing at Level 3 with Phoenix, an LBI. Having grown up in a family speaking both English and German, Tina has a BA in German Language and Literature, and an MA in International Affairs. Using her bilingual talents, she works as a proofreader and translator. Currently assisting the foundation as their Promotional Materials Editor, Her ultimate goal, however, is to become a Parelli Professional.

Linda Hiller Deppe – Linda spent her whole life wanting a horse and finally leased a horse in 2004, joined the Savvy Club in 2008, and is playing in Level II. In 2014 she assumed ownership of the horse she was leasing and finally has her own horse. Her goal is to continue advancing through the levels with her horse and, as a pair, be an example of Parelli Natural Horsemanship to others. Linda initiated a class (now in its third year) for volunteers at a therapeutic riding center with a Parelli Professional. Linda is a graphic designer; creativity, communication and writing are her most developed skills. She is a graphic designer with The Parelli Foundation. Linda is married with 2 grown daughters and 4 grandchildren. She likes a variety of activities: swimming, cross country skiing, hiking, drawing and painting, spending time with the grandchildren, walking her dog and reading and writing.

Mary Tenant

Mary Tenant – Known best for her organizational skills, Mary is a retired Registered Nurse.  She did many types of nursing and management in various health care settings over 40 years of practice including serving in the US Air Force for 3 years.  She was the Queen of policy and procedure writing.  Mary has two Bachelors degrees, diploma in Nursing and a Masters Degree.  “In Nursing you work with people and on people so relationships are the essence of your work.”  Mary brings that people experience to her work for the Foundation.  Mary had horses for only short periods of time in her younger years. She got back into them in her late 30s.  She became a Parelli student in 1995.  She had a young Arab that sent her to seek a different method.  In 1998 she and another women founded a Parelli group in Central Wisconsin.  The group is still going strong.  Mary passed the original Level 1 and 2 tests and has now passed level 3. Her lovely partner of 18 yrs had to be put down due to cancer, so she is currently horseless.   She was hoping to complete her level 4 before “one or the other of us wasn’t around.”  It remains a goal but she needs to find  another equine partner.  Mary is currently doing creative writing for the Foundation.

Diane Pursch

Diane Pursch one of our photographic volunteers.  She does regional photography and videography in the Texas area. Pictured here with her level 3 horse Sapphire, she also has Antonio, level 4/5,  and Candy, the babysitter.  She passed all of Level 3 in 2012 and will be filming her level 4 in 2016.  In addition to her horses she has one dog, Murphy, and 2 barn cats, Mr Mister and Ms Mollie.  Diane lives in a small town close to Austin – Cedar Park, Texas.  She has BS in Education and graduate work in Psychology from Texas A&M.   She has owned and operated her own photography company since 1995.


Debbie Adcock Debbie had been riding horses all of her life and wanted something new. In 2006, she found Parelli on RFD-TV and began playing games to develop a partnership with her horses. In 2012, Debbie began her Professional pathway so that she could share this magic with others. Debbie is currently a 2* Professional and has also employed as a software consultant for 15 years. She is the Fund Raiser Coordinator for The Parelli Foundation. Debbie is married and has a son and a daughter and three grandchildren. Even though she stays busy with work, family and horses she will never turn down having fun elsewhere. Whatever she is doing she is smiling, having fun and enjoying being with people (her Parelli Connect profile lists her as a RBE).

Janet Johns

Janet Johns Professionally, I have spent 35 years solving technical problems as a computer engineer in the aerospace industry. Life is a journey full of mysterious detours and partnerships that I could never have imagined even in my wildest dreams. I am one of those rare people that had never dreamed of owning or riding horses. Back in 2003, I became the naïve owner of a horse. My daughter was eight years old then and was desperate to have her own horse. We naively purchased Rocky as her first horse. Rocky immediately began to exhibit very dangerous and aggressive behavior toward humans. As a family, we agreed that owning a horse was a life-long commitment and were committed to helping Rocky. I became an avid Parelli student and learned how to manage Rocky’s aggressive acts of dominance. Rocky is a very dominant Left Brained Introverted (LBI) Tennessee Walking Horse (TWH) with a natural drive to be the dominant member of every relationship. Along our natural horsemanship journey through Level 3, Rocky lost a lot of his angry emotional baggage and became a happy horse willing to form a horse – human partnership. Rocky is finally happy living the life of a horse with his human partner. This change has made all of my sweat and tears along the natural horsemanship detour worthwhile.

Erin Fowle and Mac

Erin Fowle –  has a 17-year career as a public school teacher, both in general and special education. A horsewoman for 34 years, she has competed in both English and Western disciplines as well as driving Percheron draft horses, which she and her family also bred and raised until 2007. A student of Parelli Natural Horsemanship since 1999, Erin became a Licensed Parelli Professional in 2010 and is currently a 3-Star Instructor. In addition to teaching Parelli, Erin is a PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) Registered Instructor and she teaches part time at Stable Hands, an equine assisted activities program in nearby Yreka, CA. Erin also loves re-starting, starting, and developing horses of all ages, as well as donating time and providing educational opportunities to Sonoma Equine Rescue, Rehab, and Adoption (SERRA) in Petaluma, CA, and to Stable Hands’ horses and volunteers. She is passionate about the future of horsemanship and is thrilled to be part of the Parelli Foundation!

Cryshtal Avera

Cryshtal Avera is a life-long student of the horse.  With 20 years in business management she is a U.S. Air Force Veteran and a veteran small business owner.  Cryshtal has a passion for organization culture and helping leaders, organizations, and all people with a desire to find real growth.   Cryshtal is a certified Equine Specialist through EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) and was previously a licensed Parelli Professional, having committed to deep study of the Parelli Program for a decade.  Cryshtal spent 5 years in Hawaii under the tutelage of a Paniolo and master stockman on Oahu where she learned about stress-free cattle work and herd psychology and ultimately managed the herd alone for the last year before her mentor passed away.  Cryshtal calls herself a soulseeker.  She is an Empath, animal communicator, Reiki facilitator and energy healer.  Cryshtal is completing her graduate studies in management with a specialization in organization structure at Wayland Baptist University and currently lives in Haleiwa, HI.  The results of some of her course projects are relevant to the goals of the Foundation therapeutic horsemanship program and have been published on her website: Horses help with Stress Management in Humans and EQUINE THERAPY HORSE STANDARD OF CARE RESEARCH PROJECT
Cryshtal has accepted the role of leader to develop best Practices for therapy horses combining her ongoing research and the expertise of the Foundation funded Therapeutic Horsemanship Centers and the Parelli Friendly Therapeutic Horsemanship centers.

Kim Meagher
Image by Joanne West,

Kim Meagher (pronounced Ma-her) has had a lengthy corporate career, starting in 1981. In 1994, she bought The Yellow Rose Ranch in Gilbert Arizona. In 1995, she renamed it Wildhorse Ranch Rescue and began rescuing horses. Having no horse experience, she realized that handling rescued horses was beyond her skill set and sought help from the masters.  She met Monty Roberts, Buck Brannaman and Pat Parelli. She read their books and attended many of their clinics. While all methods of natural horsemanship are valuable, the Parelli method proved to be best suited for retraining rescued horses and their potential adopters for a lifetime of success while also staying safe in the presence of horses that have abusive and horrific pasts.

Kim is co-author of the book, Alternatives to Auction & Slaughter, A Guide for Equine Owners – A Better Way, which she helped create while she was the Arizona State Coordinator for the American Horse Defense Fund.  She has also been in two movies: Jolene and Witch Child. In 2015, she submitted Romeo for the Parelli Foundation Rehoming 4 Life Challenge and Adoption.  Learn more about Kim, Wild Horse Rescue and Romeo at

“I wish I could wrap my arms around every animal in the world and keep them safe, let them know they are loved and take all of their pain away.” Kim Meagher