Northwest Rally Roundup

Northwest Rally Roundup

What is a rally? According to the dictionary, it can be a renewal, a drawing, or a coming together of persons for common action and/or a get-together of other like-minded enthusiasts. In the Summer of 2015, a Parelli Rally Round-Up was held at Oasis Equestrian Center near Lindstrom, Minnesota. The goals of the Rally were to increase communication between Licensed Parelli Professionals; expose students and their horses to a clinic-like experience; and to raise money for the Parelli Foundation. Anna Hill, Licensed Parelli Professional and lead person, worked with others to create this smorgasbord of learning.

For the Midwest Rally, nine Licensed Parelli Professionals volunteered their time for a two-day weekend: Anna Hill, Kristi Smith, Michelle Knapp, Gretchen Arndt-Horneke, Fran Latane, Robert Goodland, Carol Lowery, Gigi Iacovelli, and Bryna Helle. Thirty-two participants, their horses, and one auditor were welcomed; the participants paid $250 for the two days with no prerequisites. About twenty classes were offered, organized by levels and topic, including Drive vs. Draw, Canter Leads, Figure-Eight Strategies, and Catching Game. Participants signed up for specific classes, allowing them to create their own clinic experience.

NW Rally Roundup

Northwest Rally Roundup

Many students experienced significant changes in themselves and their horses: Katie commented, “I loved all of the Finesse sessions so much! All new learning for me!” Carol said, “It was a pleasure meeting new folks and reconnecting with old friends, and a wonderful opportunity for all to advance horsemanship skills, techniques, and knowledge. Woohoo…can’t wait for more Rally Roundups!”

In addition to providing a great learning experience, the Rally raised $8,200 dollars for the Parelli Foundation. The Rally Roundup is win-win for all involved and going forward, Rallies will be even more creative, continuing to make the best better.

The Midwest is not letting it rest! They are already planning next year’s Rally Round-up, to be held on August 6 and 7, 2016 at The Horse First Farm in Brooklyn, WI (near Madison, WI). All nine Licensed Parelli Professionals are returning, with the addition of Nita Jo Rush, Ryan Rose, and Kris Fulwiler.

This Rally may include some Savvy Team demos and/or spotlights and with the additional Licensed Parelli Professionals, around thirty classes will be available. Approximately fifty participant slots are available and auditors are also welcome; participant cost is anticipated to be the same, and auditors pay $150 for the weekend. There’s talk of a dinner with the Licensed Parelli Professionals at a cost of $20. The weekend may still have more surprises: six weeks prior to the event, classes available for sign-up will be announced.

This is an opportunity to orchestrate your own learning; experience being taught by various Licensed Parelli Professionals; reconnect with old friends and make new ones; and raise money to change the world for horses and humans. Come with or without your horse and experience a Rally Roundup!

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