Kari BowserKari Bowser is a 2-Star Licensed Parelli Professional from Quebec, Canada, who recently received a $2,000 scholarship that she will apply toward the costs of attending Pat Parelli’s Mastery Program.

“Receiving this scholarship means more than just the money”, says Kari. “It was such an amazing feeling when I got the news to know that the Foundation and others had a belief in me that warranted this scholarship.”

Kari saved her own money to pay the course tuition and applied for scholarship funds to help cover the additional expenses involved in attending the program. Mastery Program students must pay tuition, horse board, accommodations on campus, veterinary needs and travel. The Parelli Foundation is pleased to be able to assist Kari as she pursues her next star rating. Kari has chosen to break her mastery study into two phases. The first phase involved studying with Pat for 3 weeks in Florida this winter, and then she will return for another 5 weeks in 2019.

“I need to keep my horsemanship progressing and the Mastery Program is the best way for me to do it,” Kari explains.  “From my time this year with Pat, I will be able to keep demonstrating a high level of horsemanship in my part of the world and to share my knowledge with students.” Prior to receiving the scholarship, Kari said she had not been able to study in person on a Parelli campus since 2013.

Pat Parelli’s Mastery Program is designed to train and enhance each student’s professional skills to the level of mastery in four areas: horse development, business and administration, facility management and teaching.  Kari has been planning and saving to take advantage of the Mastery Program for many years and is so excited to finally make it happen! Her current goal is to work toward her 3-star rating and help grow Parelli in Canada. She also says she will be reaching out to one or two horse rescue facilities in the near future to donate her time to help their efforts. What a nice way to “pay it forward”!

Visit the Parelli Foundation website for more information on our Scholarship Program or to make a donation to support future scholarship students!


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  1. Keri,
    OMG! Blast from the past! Shelley here. I knew you in the early 80’s. How great you look. I am so proud of you. I wish you best of luck towards your 3-star rating and helping Parelli grow in Canada.
    I still have a few letters and cards you sent to me. Feels like a life time ago doesn’t it?
    Would love to catch up. Email me back if you like and have the time.
    All the best to you love,

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