AR HOW BOUTA DATE, aka “Bart,” aka “Buddy,” was one of the Atwood Horses sold through the Foundation’s online auction in 2014. Arva Steele purchased him and changed his barn name from “Bart” to “Buddy.” After partnering with him for a year, she says:

“Where to start! I am the owner of Bart, aka Buddy, and had a great first moment with him in the arena at Pagosa, when I took his lead rope in my hand for the first time. He put his muzzle on my cheek and left it there for almost a full minute, checking me out. All I could do was smile and giggle. It was phenomenal. I had the opportunity to ride him in an 8-day camp with John and Kathy Baar last September here in Idaho. We worked cows as part of the camp for three days. He was skeptical at first but then dove right in to help bunch the cows, and then cut out a single cow to move it to the other end of the arena. It was great. He has great manners and is very willing to try new things. When I go out to the barn, all I have to do is whistle and he comes running. If he is in the barn, I can walk right up to him with my halter and rope ready and he stands quietly, waiting for me. He is super easy to saddle and will allow me to use a mounting block or whatever else is handy to climb up on. I am 67 years old and short, so I will always use a climbing aid so I won’t hurt his back. I especially love playing with him on the ground. He is super smart and watches me for signals. Liberty is really fun with him. It is the first time I have felt confident enough to play off line consistently. And playing with him on a 22-foot rope through the figure 8 and weaves is great too. I can actually stand 15 feet away from him and influence him to go around the barrels with my body and the carrot stick. Wow! He has a very sweet nature, but he is also exuberant. When I begin On Line in the round pen, he bucks and jumps when I ask him to canter, but a swift correction with the carrot stick behind him stops the cavorting and he settles in to do transitions beautifully.

“I have never been so pleased with the progress I am making with Buddy. My world with horses has just expanded to new levels. I can never thank Maurice enough for the foundation that he gave Buddy. I recommend that anyone who wants a great horse should consider one of the Atwood Ranch youngsters. You will be forever grateful for a horse that comes to you with no issues and lots of try.

“Thanks for the opportunity to talk about Buddy. He makes me smile whenever I am around him.”

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  1. Arva, It’s so much fun to read about your Atwood colt, now known as Buddy. I told you at the ’15 Summit how impressed I was with him, and this year’s colt – Buddy’s full brother – Buzz. Sounds like your partnership got off to a fantastic start, and is just getting better!

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