The Parelli Foundation received a generous donation in memory of Bali, a very special horse who had been loved by Stephanie Mills.Thursday, April 10th I lost my first horse, my heart horse, my Bali on his 12th birthday. My heart felt like it was broken beyond repair but friend and Parelli Professional Jesse Peters, who has been a part of my and Bali’s journey for 10 years, wrote these words to me:“This is not an effort to explain anything but a thought that came to mind. Pat has always said that when he reaches level 10 he will transcend to horseman’s heaven. I think your partnership and love for and with Bali must have reached brilliance and perfection of a level 10 kind of love! Just a positive thought to plant in your heart in this difficult transition. Love out to you.”It’s quite a thought, isn’t it? Our horses are our teachers and maybe, when we finally learn the lessons they are here to give, it is time for them to turn us over to another. This is what I choose to believe with my Bali.“Goodbye my beautiful boy. You will always be in my heart.”

Stephanie Mills
Stef and Bali at Parelli Center

Photo by Susan Hanson

Kathleen and TC Kathleen von Ruff made a generous donation in memory of her beloved horse TC. She says,“Thank You Pat and Linda for empowering me to bond with such a beautiful creature. TC is now off on his next great adventure but He remains a part of my soul.”
Has the Parelli Foundation touched your life in a meaningful and inspiring way?  We would like to hear about it. If you have a story to tell, and the Foundation has helped in some way, write it down in 1000 words or less and send it using our contact us form, along with three photos to illustrate your story.  We may use your story at our web site or in other ways.  If we do, we will send you a Parelli Foundation tee-shirt.

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