Erin FowleErin Fowle, a 3-star Licensed Parelli Professional from Etna, CA, says her introduction to Parelli came through her parents. They went to see Pat when he was in Southern California in 1998. They videoed the event and, after watching it, Erin knew she wanted to interact with her horses so they too had the wonderful expression and enthusiasm she had seen. Erin is grateful to the Foundation for its support of her career change from a public school teacher to a Licensed Parelli Professional. She has strong interests in the four areas that the Foundation supports.

Erin’s interest in the therapeutic riding side of the Foundation led her to become PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship)-certified and teach at the local therapeutic riding center. By doing this, she also touches two other areas supported by the Foundation: horse welfare and youth.

She wants to see the level of horsemanship increase exponentially by the continuing advancement of human skills, which in turn enhances the horse’s life. Giving back and paying it forward are important beliefs and practices for her. Prior to Parelli, she worked on instilling these concepts and behaviors into her public school students. Erin is enthusiastic about the Foundation’s mission, ErinFowle3people, and the changes she sees as a result of its efforts. Her reward has been seeing the improvement in the therapeutic riding center horses and volunteers, as well as in the horse rescue volunteers and horses. Safety is still the priority, but now folks are having fun and genuinely understanding more and more how to read and understand their horses. The horses are calmer, more responsive, and have great expressions.

Part of Erin’s vision for the Foundation’s future is for more people to be able to continue their horsemanship journey through scholarship assistance, and creation of other types of educational opportunities for the people working in any of the Foundation’s four areas.


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