ACTT NaturallyOn May 13, 2016, ACTT Naturally was recognized by the Parelli Foundation for the wonderful work it is doing: helping horses and humans live a better life both through Natural Horsemanship and the equine-facilitated learning programs at Long Shadows Farm in Cambridge, NY.

Valerie Buck, founder and president of ACTT Naturally, said that she was particularly proud and honored by this recognition. “Parelli Natural Horsemanship (PNH) was the catalyst for the creation of ACTT Naturally, as well as the stepping stone for the programs that we are conducting. Special thanks to Theresa Fincher, the former Executive Director of the Parelli Foundation, both for the great work she is doing and her support for ACTT Naturally.”

Both the equine-facilitated learning women’s workshops and the teen leadership programs integrateACTT Naturally Natural Horsemanship to teach mutual respect; trust; self-esteem; good leadership; healthy boundaries; how our energy affects our environment; and so much more. This sends the participants back home with tools to improve their relationships and build self-confidence.

The off-track thoroughbreds also benefit. Valerie and her team apply natural horsemanship methods in their training, giving these former professional athletes the opportunity to learn in a new environment; build confidence; and help them become willing partners ready for new, rewarding careers. The ACTT Naturally team is always proud when guests comment on how happy its horses are!

ACTT NaturallyPlease visit our website,, to find out more about our organization; how you can help us; how we can help you; or to schedule a visit to our beautiful farm.


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  1. I had the privilege of attending the ACTT Naturally Farm Festival at Long Shadows Farm today with my family, and most importantly with my daughter Hailey. Hailey participated in a course of study through her high school that enabled teens to learn self-esteem, respect and self-confidence for both themselves and all of the animals at Long Shadows. I was impressed with the way Valerie and her entire staff related to the people and the horses. It was a very relaxing experience that made me step back and look at how simply being kind can make such a huge difference. Hailey’s experience has certainly been a life changer for her. Kudos to you Valerie and your staff… and we can’t forget Budder! <3 Thank you for allowing us all to be a part of it.

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