Summer Wyatt Bacharach
Summer Wyatt Bacharach, Executive Director

Summer Wyatt Bacharach, a lifelong horse owner and animal advocate, has always felt a deep need to help animals and people. From her work presenting her own humane education program, Making the Connection: Animal Cruelty and Family Violence, in West Virginia public schools to passing legislation focusing on puppy mill regulation and exotic animal ownership during her time working with the Humane Society of the United States, she has used her skills and determination to create a change for both humans and animals throughout her life.

Summer aims to continue this work, saying “Because of the Parelli Foundation, many lives are changed. I am honored to be a part of the driving force in continuing the Parelli Foundation’s programs; ensuring that horses and people alike benefit from training and funding put into the right places.”.

Summer was introduced to Parelli Natural Horsemanship in 2012 and attributes her then trainer’s approach of using PNH to being able to learn a new way of approaching training and life together with her beloved RBE American Saddlebred mare, Lexi AKA “Something Perfect”.

Summer and her husband, Rob, live in North Carolina with their lazy Jack Russel, Bebe, and expressive Plot Hound mix, Lady.

Seth Burgess, Director of Operations

Seth got his start with horses in his twenties as owner/operator of a full service Arabian Horse Breeding farm.  From there he started an employment service for horse people nationwide which he ran for 25 years, officially retiring in 2011.  He is a level 2-3 student.  He and his wife Judy live in New Mexico where Judy is an Episcopal priest. They have three dogs and three horses.  Seth is also active in men’s spiritual journey work through the Illuman organization.  He has been a volunteer and contractor for the Foundation since 2012.  For the Foundation, he does web site development, video editing, and is part of the core team.

Mary Mielczarek - Volunteer Coordinator

10 years ago, my husband Terry and I rescued two polo ponies that had been abandoned at a boarding facility. We knew nothing about horses, but found Parelli Natural Horsemanship and started on our journey getting to know them and learning so much about ourselves in the process. Compared to many in the horse world, we are just beginning our life with horses. By volunteering with the Foundation we support others’ dreams of building their life with horses.

Diane Pursch
Diane Pursch - Photographer

This is a picture of my Level 3 horse, Sapphire, and me. I also have Antonio, L 4/5,  and Candy, the babysitter.   I currently have 1 dog, Murphy, and 2 barn cats, Mr Mister and Ms Mollie.  I passed all of Level 3 in 2012 and will be filming my L4 recently. I have a BS in Education and graduate work in Psychology from Texas A&M.  I have owned and operated my own photography company since 1995. I live in a small town in Texas, Cedar Park, close to Austin.

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