Board, Staff, and Volunteers meeting in Florida 2015

By Theresa Fincher

There is “something special” about the dedication and passion within the Parelli Community. There are so many ways individuals within the community are supporting the program and mission “helping create a better world for horses and humans;” and I am blessed to have built such deep connections within the community at large.


I first became aware of that “something special” in 2001 as a very dedicated and passionate student of the Parelli Program when I lived in Minnesota. I met individuals that believed strongly in the Program, enjoying never ending self-improvement and socializing with like-minded individuals. In January 2010, I went to the Ocala Florida campus and became instantly immersed in that “something special.


What started as a 12-week venture ended up as nearly a 100-week adventure! I traveled between the two campuses in sunny Florida and scenic Colorado for two years. Because of my duration at each campus, I was fortunate to meet and build many deep and meaningful relationships; relationships that have become strong friendships and connections all around the world.


All of these individuals are extremely dedicated and passionate and KNOW the Program is SOLID. They’ve made major life changes to study with the source: Linda and/or Pat Parelli, for weeks, months and, in some cases, years.


In 2013, I became reconnected with another Parelli community, Parelli Natural Horsemanship (PNH) employees. I had a distant relationship with some of them during the years when I was a Mastery student, but I fell in love with them when I began working at PNH as Events Director in 2013. The employees in every department are caring, passionate and driven to support the mission. They are the backbone of the organization. They are in the office every day, not only supporting Linda and Pat Parelli’s vision; but, coming to work with the intent to make the world a better place by the role they play. I never thought I could meet any other group in Parelli community that was as passionate and dedicated to the mission as the students in the field, mastery students and the PNH employees until I took the position at the Parelli Foundation.


WOW! What a great group of individuals. They are dedicated to our mission so much that over 80% of the work hours generated for the Foundation are volunteer hours! Now that is an amazing percentage. The Foundation would not exist if it were not for these dedicated volunteers and staff.


theresaFincherSo I am very blessed to have so many deep friendships within the Parelli Community and many that I can call family. Thank you, to each of you in the Parelli Community that support the mission of “helping create a better world for horses and humans.”


Have you identified what that “something special” is? I’d love to know what you think and how we’ve impacted your life!

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