A Passion for Natural Horsemanship and a Heart for Youth


Sue Hanson and JohnnyOn Saturday, January 16, 2016, a wonderful woman was called to Horseman’s Heaven. Susan Carr Hanson passed away unexpectedly and everyone who knew and loved her is missing the bright light that she brought to their lives. Sue was a long time, very enthusiastic participant and supporter of the Parelli program volunteering at several events, attending the Summits, clinics, and other gatherings. Her equine Parelli partner, Johnny was by her side in the arena at many of them. Sue was a tireless ambassador for the program and was constantly lending her educational material out and mentoring young people that were so admiring of the relationship she had with her beloved horse that they wanted that with their horses. Sue was also a SavvySue at Parelli Center Club Gold member and has been for a long time, never passing up an opportunity to learn.

She has talked about this day that we all hoped would never come and had expressed her wish to have donations made in her memory to the Parelli Foundation and particularly to support talented young people in their Parelli journey. The Susan Carr Hanson Youth Education Memorial Fund is expressly for that purpose. Her family and friends are proud to help Sue carry out her wish and appreciate each and every person who helps support us.

As Pat would say, “Put your heart in your hand and touch your horse with your heart.” That was Susan Carr Hanson.

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Sue and Johnny
Sue and Hanson Family

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Sue and Johnny

Sue and Johnny at
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Sue and Johnny

Sue and Johnny