Formal retirement plans, such as 401k, IRA, and pensions, require the designation of beneficiaries on the forms provided by your plan administrator.  If you wish to leave the proceeds of such a plan to the Parelli Foundation, Inc. ( 14316 Reese Blvd, Suite B–1613, Huntersville, NC 28078), please be sure to update your beneficiary designation form to reflect this.  Changing the terms of your will without changing the beneficiary designation will not be sufficient.  Naming The Parelli Foundation, Inc. as your beneficiary will benefit future students, riders and their horses.  It may also be useful in your overall estate plan.  Contact your plan administrator for information on naming beneficiaries.

All estate planning should be carefully considered and drafted to ensure that it does what you want it to do.  We suggest that you review your plans, including specific provisions, with knowledgeable legal and financial advisors.

It would be wonderful if you could let us know of any plans you have finalized to create a legacy gift to the benefit of natural horsemanship.  We look forward to discussing your future intentions and possible gifts.

If you notify us that you have made planned giving arrangements, you will become a member of The Pegasus Circle.  We look forward to welcoming you personally with either public acknowledgement or private appreciation, as you prefer.

For a personal contact to discuss your legacy giving, please contact us.