Dave Ellis

Watch Raven Develop!

6* Licensed Parelli Master Instructor Dave Ellis monitored the development of Raven.  Follow along as she completes 20 tasks designed by Dave Ellis and approved by Pat Parelli.

Raven Registration Certificate


“Raven” – 2015 bay filly

Colonel Doc Bar Chex x Suzies Kitty by High Brow Cat

Raven Horsenality

RBI/RBE, medium spirit

This sensitive bay filly was born in Texas and arrived at Atwood shortly after weaning with her friend Crow.  Out of a very well-bred High Brow Cat mare, she is athletic, perceptive and yet obedient.  Raven’ s middle name is “Try” as she always gives her best effort and hangs in there even when she is uncertain.  Friendly and sweet, this lovely filly has come a long way in preschool.  Her confidence continues to grow daily, as does her curiosity.  She has the ability to be a super star and performance horse if your desire is Level 4 and beyond.

Raven Positive Attributes

Ashley Dudas

Developed by
3* Licensed Parelli Professional

Ashley Dudas



Raven is a friendly, athletic, curious Right Brained Extrovert. She tries very hard with each task put to her and is always seeking a connection. Raven’s confidence shines through when she is out exploring with her herd mates, and she shows her natural cattle ability by pushing the Angus herd bull around! Raven is well bred and has the potential for competition as well as pleasure.