Meet Dave Ellis

5 Star Master Instructor Dave Ellis has been with Pat Parelli since 1985. He has been involved with horses since grammar school and the late fifties. He was raised on an oil lease in the western side of the great San Joaquin Valley of California. Being far removed from any town, horses became his primary toys. As a boy, he found himself helping the neighbors with problem horses, and was soon teaching kids from town how to ride.

Lisa Trowse and Just Jack

The beginning of Lisa’s story is common to so many women. A horse-loving girl who owned and rode her own horse regularly in her youth, she disconnected from horses for a time, as career and family became her focus. Years later, Lisa’s loving husband encouraged her to reignite her passion for horses by giving her “a few lessons” as a gift. But here is exactly where Lisa’s similarity to other horse owners abruptly ends.