Solving the Horse Rescue Puzzle

When Cheryl Flanagan started rescuing racehorses who were not winning on the Florida tracks, little did she know how many puzzle pieces would eventually make up the picture years later in Georgia. On any given day, Save the Horses in Cumming, Georgia, is home to over 100 rescued equines. Cheryl has a strong belief in matching horses and humans so that as many horses as possible find happy forever homes.

Getting All Horses to “Behave Like Jake”

The Special K Ranch is a residential ranch in Montana for adults with disabilities and, among its many activities, is an equine program. Special K was fortunate to have a PNH developed horse, Jake, donated to the program. The staff was so impressed with Jake that the finance manager of the ranch, Sharon Flemetis, contacted the Parelli Foundation to find out how they could “get all of their horses to behave like Jake.”