Road to the Summit Horse “Raven”


RBI/RBE, medium spirit

This sensitive bay filly was born in Texas and arrived at Atwood shortly after weaning with her friend Crow.  Out of a very well bred High Brow Cat mare, she is athletic, perceptive and yet obedient.  Raven’ s middle name is “Try” as she always gives her best effort and hangs in there even when she is uncertain.  Friendly and sweet, this lovely filly has come a long way in preschool.  Her confidence continues to grow daily and as does her curiosity.  She has the ability to be a super star and performance horse if your desire is Level 4 and beyond.

Raven qualifies to be nominated to particpate in AQHA Ranching Heritage shows and classes. For more information visit


For your convenience, you may make a down payment of $4,000, or you may pay the entire $18,000 amount now.  If you choose the down payment, you must contact us within two business days at 855-687-7273 to make arrangements for paying the balance.  The balance must be paid within one week of the day you make the down payment.

NOTE: Retail value of $12,000. The Buy-It-Now price of $18,000 is a fundraiser for the Parelli Foundation. The Parelli Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Please consult with your tax adviser regarding possible tax deductions from your purchase. All sales are final. Horses are sold “as is”.

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