Owner: Amy Presley

Name: Pricilla

Details: Amy Presley is a family therapist in San Ramon California, she has been taking Pricilla to the office as a support dog for her clients for many years. Pricilla made her clients experience a kinder more loving event. Pricilla knew when to cuddle and when to lie quietly. Amy shared this on 18 January “My beautiful girl Priscilla passed away from kidney disease, one day after her 9th birthday. She loved people, and I know she brought a lot of joy to many. Priscilla had 35 puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind, and I’m so proud of what all of those little squirts have become. She was a tough cookie, and as you know, survived a bout with cancer earlier this year. My heart is broken.”
Because Pricilla lived a life of great value, she is honored here with a foundation that strives to make the lives of horses and the humans that love them better.

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