One way to help ensure that the good works of the Parelli Foundation continue for the future is to make provisions for planned giving through your estate. This might include a provision in your will or designation as a beneficiary of a retirement plan. These are ways to “pay forward” the very positive impact that natural horsemanship has had on your horses and your life. Horses and humans that you may never meet will benefit from your thoughtful planning and generosity.

The Parelli Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization with 501c3 status recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.

You have the choice of naming a specific program or focus, where you would prefer that your funds are directed. For example, you could specify that your funds are used to

  • Support natural horsemanship education in therapeutic horsemanship centers;
  • Create a scholarship fund for the benefit of dressage competitors who want to learn about natural horsemanship;
  • Create a scholarship fund for the benefit of advanced natural horsemanship students who want to compete in reining thereby showing the competitive world how these philosophies can be successful; or
  • Support the maintenance of and upgrades to the physical facilities that are used to teach natural horsemanship.

Provisions in a Will or Trust

Retirement Plan Beneficiary

Other Legacy Gift