Here's the Scoop on What's Happening at the Parelli Foundation.
  • Yes. We’re changing our name to the International Horsemanship Foundation.
  • No. We’re not changing what we do.  We will continue to support Therapeutic Horsemanship, Horse Welfare, Youth Horsemanship and Career Scholarships.
Parelli Foundation Programs
  • Yes. We will be supporting a broader group of professionals, but we will not be stopping our support for any professionals we currently support including Parelli Professionals.
  • No. We will not be reducing our standards for natural horsemanship.  We will continue to support excellent horsemanship globally.
  • Yes. We will be adding some features as we go along that are brought to us by the International Horsemanship Association including:
Added Benefits
Merge, Rename, Rebrand

We partner with
* Relationship-Based & Natural Horsemanship Enthusiasts
* Relationship-Based Horsemanship Professionals
* Everyone enthusiastic about developing Excellent Horsemanship Communication

We focus on
* Relationships between Humans & Horses
* Relationships between Students & Instructors
* Relationships between Instructors & International Horsemanship Foundation

Here's the Scoop on What's Happening at the International Horsemanship Association.

Yes.  The International Horsemanship Association will continue it’s regular activities.

  • Membership
  • Quarterly Journal and periodic newsletters
  • Social Media channels
  • Learning Management System
  • Directory of Professionals

Yes. Many of our activities will be enhanced by collaborating on the formation of the International Horsemanship Foundation. 

International Horsemanship Foundation