Lori Northrup - Horseman of the Year AwardLori Northrup, former president of the Parelli Foundation Board of Directors, has been named New York State Horse Council’s “2016 Horseperson of the Year.”

“Lori is an amazing individual,” said Stephen Ropel, president of the New York State Horse Council. “She consistently strives to make this a better world for horses. She leads by example and encourages horsemen and women to be lifelong learners when it comes to working with horses.” The Horseperson of the Year award is given annually to someone who has served the equine community at the highest level, with a demonstrated awareness and interest in the horse industry as well as serving to improve the care, use or treatment of animals.

In addition to helping create the non-profit 501(c)(3) Parelli Foundation, and serving as its board president, she has also been a longtime president and board member of Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH). FOSH is a nonprofit initiative designed to call attention to, and bring an end to, the mistreatment of many Tennessee Walker show horses. Along with her nonprofit work, Northrup rides trails many days, hosts a local trail event each year, and raises and trains her own horses. She is founder and chairman of North Park Innovations Group, a high-tech New York manufacturing company.

“I am thrilled to be honored by the New York State Horse Council,” said Northrup. “I just do what I love to do; so being recognized for that is really icing on the cake when it comes to my work with horses and natural horsemanship.”

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