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Hallelujah Horses

November 2021 –  Welcome New Executive Director, Board President, and Board Treasurer, Therapeutic Horsemanship Applications Open, Horse Welfare Grants Awarded.

June 2021 – Horse Welfare Grant Applications Accepted, Career Scholarship Recipients, Heroes and Horsemanship Spotlight, Foundation Seeks Treasurer

April 2021 – Jack and Doris Parelli Scholarship Fund, Ada, Orka and Liberty, Linda and “This not that!”, Scholarship Applications Open

February 2021 – New Board President, Therapeutic Horsemanship Grants, Pat and Thunder, Gently Used Equipment Grant, Horse Welfare Grant, Future of Horsemanship Commitment.

December 2020 – Horse Welfare Grant Awards, Giving Tuesday, Future of Horsmanship Grant recipients, Equines at Risk Grant Recipient, Holiday Auction.

October 2020 – Horse Welfare Grants, Virtual Gala, Equines at Risk grants, Therapeutic Grant Applications.

August 2020 – Focus on Horse Welfare, Grant Story in Western Horseman, Contest Winner Announced, Future of Horsemanship Scholarships, Wendelin Video Series.

June 2020 – Rehabilitation of Chevy the Wild Mustang, Heroes and Horsemanship Grants, Pay it Forward Reports, Three Factors of Riding Success series.

April 2020 – Grant Spotlight “Veteran Care at Heart of Horse Sense”, Heroes and Horsemanship Grant Applications, Video Message from Executive Director, Western Derby Gala Announced.

February 2020 – Grant Spotlight “Peace at Home Project”, Rehoming 4 Life at Wildhorse Ranch Rescue, Volunteers Needed, Canadian Scholarship Fund.

December 2019 – Giving Tuesday, Grant Spotlight S.T.E.P.S., Holiday Auction, Amazon Smile.

October 2019 – Future of Horsemanship Scholarship Awards, A Spark of Passion, by Garrett Eigenhuis, Tickets for the Heroes and Horsmanship Lunch, Pass the PAST act, Applications for Therapeutic Grants Opening Oct. 1st.

August 2019 – Horse Welfare Grants, Grant Recipient Spotlight – Inspiration Ranch, Western Derby Gala Tickets, Heroes and Horsemanship Lunch, Gently Used Equipment Drive.

June 2019 – Pat’s Mission, Heroes and Horsemanship Grants, Horse Welfare Application Open, Visit us at Loveland, Colorado, Announcing the Western Derby Gala.

April 2019 – Debbie Adcock Pays it Forward, Scholarship Applications Open, Equine Trails Sports Challenge, Youth Scholars and Inspiration Tour, Dressage Summit Support.

February 2019 – New Future of Horsemanship, Achaius Ranch, Heroes and Horsemanship,Volunteer with Us. 

December 2018 – Wildhorse Welfare Grant, Giving Tuesday Wrap-up, Holiday Auction, SPCA of Texas Grant

October 2018 – New Youth Program, Summit Followup, Road to the Summer Partners, Equine Trail Sports

August 2018 – Community Outreach Grant, Western Derby Gala, Horse Welfare Grants, Danica’s partnerJune 2018 – New Board President, Grant Spotlight, Road to the Summit Horses

April 2018 – Meet the New Executive Director!

February 2018 – Your Donations are Making a Difference!

December 2017 – Scholarship and Grant Deadlines and More

November 2017 – Giving Tuesday, Scholarships, and More!

October 2017 – New Board Members, Dream Vacation, Summit Followup