By Theresa Fincher

Theresa_FincherThere are many things I am passionate about and I would say, first and foremost I am passionate about building and maintaining relationships with people and using truth, transparency and trust as my guiding principle.


I didn’t used to be this way; in fact, I actually behaved as an Introvert so that people wouldn’t try to get to know me.  I hid my light for many years because I believed people didn’t want to see it.   I didn’t realize by not allowing my light to shine, I was not only hurting my “self”, I was hurting others by not helping them see a reflection of their “self”.


theresahorseIt was the horse that cracked that shell for me, because I finally had to face truth, transparency and trust with the horse and within my “self”. With the horse, the real me was exposed and, over time, it shifted to my relationship with humans. I began living as who I “am” and relating to people on a deeper level. My mission in life is not to be the world’s greatest horseman nor to be an Instructor of individuals in horsemanship. My mission is to bring out the potential in myself and those I encounter so that as individuals, we can play the part we are meant to play and collectively impact the world at a greater level.


So, relationships along with truth, transparency and trust are very important to me and today I would like to acknowledge and thank each of you that support the Parelli Foundation. Your commitment and dedication is amazing to me and the relationship that I have with many of you is priceless. Thank you for being a part of this movement of never ending self-improvement and helping us create a better world … To our Future!

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