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Sue Hanson and JohnnyOn Saturday, January 16, 2016, a wonderful woman was called to Horseman’s Heaven. Susan Carr Hanson passed away unexpectedly and everyone who knew and loved her is missing the bright light that she brought to their lives. Sue was a long time, very enthusiastic participant and supporter of the Parelli program volunteering at several events, attending the Summits, clinics, and other gatherings. Her equine Parelli partner, Johnny was by her side in the arena at many of them. Sue was a tireless ambassador for the program and was constantly lending her educational material out and mentoring young people that were so admiring of the relationship she had with her beloved horse that they wanted that with their horses. Sue was also a SavvySue at Parelli Center Club Gold member and has been for a long time, never passing up an opportunity to learn.

She has talked about this day that we all hoped would never come and had expressed her wish to have donations made in her memory to the Parelli Foundation and particularly to support talented young people in their Parelli journey. The Susan Carr Hanson Youth Education Memorial Fund is expressly for that purpose. Her family and friends are proud to help Sue carry out her wish and appreciate each and every person who helps support us.

As Pat would say, “Put your heart in your hand and touch your horse with your heart.” That was Susan Carr Hanson.

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For a limited time, Dennis Hanson will match all donations made after January 16, 2017 up to a maximum of $1000.  


Sue and Johnny
Sue and Hanson Family

Hanson Family

Sue and Johnny

Sue and Johnny at
the Parelli Center

Sue and Johnny

Sue and Johnny

Marcy would love that the “JOY” continues
through Future of Horsemanship student Mickey from Texas..


Marceline Joy SimnittDebbie Adcock’s mother passed away after a traffic accident on Jun 16th, 2016. Her Mother, Marcy, was 87 years old. Just like her middle name, her life was full of JOY. She always had a smile on her face and always brought JOY to everyone else.

Marcy spent most of her life in Wichita Kansas. Debbie reflects on her mother, “I was very lucky to have my mom live with me in Texas for the last 7 years. She was a very energetic woman and would go somewhere every day driving her car. She never wanted people to help her but always wanted to help others. She did everything for me, she cleaned, cooked all the meals, laundry and even did most of my errands. In her younger days she loved to dance and entertain. My mom would love the “JOY” to continue in her name!”

Mickey & Rockie

Proceeds of your donation will support Mickey from Texas who is our next Future of Horsemanship Youth!  For more information on Mickey, click here, and then click on “Current Students”.

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Marceline “Joy” Simnitt and Support Future of Horsemanship Student Mickey Bell.

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Joy and Debbie

Debbie and Marcy

Tatiana Debbie and Marcy

Tatiana, Debbie, and Marcy

Marcy and her grandson

Marcy and her grandson

Pray, Smile, Play and Live like Elias.
Pass along his dream of attending the Parelli Mastery Program to another deserving young adult.

Elias BurrElias Burr, almost 17 year old, was amongst the world’s very best people that God has ever created. His life was tragically taken from us in a car accident on August 2nd, 2016. Elias was a beautiful, kind, gentle, sweet, hardworking, thoughtful, generous, religious, and loving young man. He loved God and his church most, then his family and friends, and he had a passion for horses and basketball. He went to Jesse Peters’ home every day for the last 3 years to help on the farm in exchange for horsemanship and life lessons on things a man should know. He walks hand in hand with God today. His two brothers were in the car with him, Michael 9 and Jordan 7. They both are recovering and are miraculously expecting a full recovery through time and healing. Our hearts are weeping here on earth for the missing piece joy and happiness that he brought to the lives of those he met.

Elias BurrElias and his family have a love and passion for horses, especially Friesian horses. They trained their Friesian Mare Ivanka and developed her to be one of only two Friesians in the North America that achieved and earned their Sport Predicate in Driving. Over the last few years Elias has blossomed into an amazing young horseman. Jesse felt like he was on the cusp of passing his Parelli level 4 which they had planned to submit in September. Elias loved traveling with Jesse to clinics and events across the United States. Elias Burr and Jesse PetersSome of his highlights included meeting Pat Parelli and helping him with his horses while Pat showed at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. Elias enjoyed studying and learning from any horseman who showed talent and kindness and embodied the Parelli principles. In addition to having a goal of achieving his Parelli Level 4 Black String recognition by September, he set many other goals for his upcoming senior year in school. He recently purchased 2 Ruger Vaquero 45s to chase cowboy mounted shooting dreams. He was also nearing the completion of his summer rescue horse project. His project was to give “Jet”, a 5 year old black Kentucky Mountain Horse, an outstanding foundation. By the end of the summer he was riding Jet everywhere without a bridle and Elias was about to begin the campaign to find a new forever home for this sensitive beautiful RBE.

Elias Burr After completion of his senior year in school he was planning to make arrangements to go and ride with Pat Parelli, the Master himself, for the summer. His long term dreams included being a well-respected and talented Horseman in his own right and becoming a Parelli instructor and Horse Development Specialist. He loved riding horses all day long with his mentor and friend Jesse Peters. Elias has left his mark and tremendous impact on all of the hearts and souls of every person who interacted with him during his short time here on Earth. Each and every day he carried the lessons he learned to better the lives of the humans and horses that he encountered.

When told of the Scholarship in Elias’ name, his mother Crystal had the following to say “I am so thrilled that the Parelli Foundation chose to honor Elias in this way. My son will not be able to study with Pat Parelli, but I hope that through this scholarship another young person can benefit.”

Elias Burr
Elias Burr
Elias Burr

Donate in Memory of Casper and provide scholarships for natural horsemanship students to study with Pat.

Casper Tribute by Pat Parelli:

“At 27-years-old, my lifetime equine partner Casper passed away. The first book I read about special relationships with horses was The Black Stallion, which has always stayed deep in my heart.


“Soon after Linda and I found our perfect eagle’s nest ranch in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, we were doing a clinic up in a town called Olds in Alberta, Canada when we first saw Casper. We were in this indoor arena with about 30 riders and 300 spectators. During lunchtime, in our little motor home, we both said, “Wow. Did you see that black stallion?” We were both impressed by this horse. He was the most gorgeous, pitch-black stallion I had ever seen. I asked Hazel Street, his owner, about him. She said that they call him Casper because he’s really friendly, but he’s really spooky—just like Casper the friendly ghost.

Casper and Pat Parelli“The woman said that she couldn’t ride or even saddle Casper because he would buck the saddle off. I almost didn’t believe her since he was going around fairly well in the clinic. That afternoon when the clinic was finished, I said let’s have a special session, and I’ll see if I can saddle and ride him.

“We worked on ground skills and everything was going great, but we had been on a trail ride earlier, and I still had my brass sierra cup that we used to drink from creeks attached to the right side of my saddle. When I saddled him, the cup made a little noise, and he spooked. He exploded so much that he hit the end of a 22-foot rope bucking. I thought that I would just set myself and hold him, but he jerked me off my feet, and I landed 4 feet from where I had been standing before. He took off bucking for over an hour. I kept moving him, and he kept bucking. He was the buckin’est horse I’ve ever seen. I ended up playing with him for about 3 hours that afternoon and also ended up riding him. One thing led to another, we made a deal, and then we brought him from Canada down into Colorado. He was 6-years-old at the time, so we had him for 21 years.Casper and Pat Parelli

“He was one of the most challenging horses I’ve ever dealt with because, first of all, he didn’t bond with other horses. He didn’t care if he was with other horses or not, and he didn’t carry that strong herd instinct—he was very independent—so it was really hard for me to get him to connect like I connect with my other horses. This gregarious nature of herd animals is what makes natural horsemanship quite easy as long as we have long body logic. I learned from him how to get bonding and obedience through yielding exercises. Bonding, obedience, and exuberance—that was Casper. I’ve never met a horse that had the determination, the spirit, and the talent to be able to do the things that he could do.
“Then, after I got Magic, we then had a pair of black horses. I was able to ride her bridleless and have him at Liberty with both of them doing flying lead changes, slide stops, spins, jumping, and piaffe. One of my favorite things was that I taught Casper that I’d bounce the ball, and he would come underneath me, and I’d put the big green ball on his back. I could literally just bounce it, pick it up, and he would know to sidepass so that I could lay it on his back. Then I could hold onto that ball and ride around the arena, point Magic at a jump, and he would stay under the ball even as we jumped. Another special thing was that at the end of a ride, I could point at the ground, and Casper would know that he could lay down and have a roll.

Casper“I don’t know how to tell you how special he was. Words can’t describe him. All I can do is share with you pictures and video footage of some of the special things that we did. I know he’s galloping across horseman’s heaven right now. He’s one of the most special horses that I’ve ever had. So special, that even Breyer made a model horse out of him. I hope that they can re-institute that someday so that millions of fans and people can have a model of Casper in their own homes. I was the most fortunate person in the world to have the real one. He’s the horse that helped me keep it natural, and hopefully I can inspire you and educate you to do the same.

Pat Parelli here helping you keep it natural.”