Horse Welfare

Steps in the Grant Process

  1. Be sure you meet the qualifications. (Qualifications are stated here),
  2. Start an application using the button at the bottom of this page.
  3. Answer all questions completely.
  4. Submit your application by the deadline shown below.
  5. If your application is approved, you will receive a notification letter from the Parelli Foundation indicating the grant amount and an agreement to sign and return.  **Note that the grant amount approved may not be the full grant amount requested.
  6. Upon receipt of your signed paperwork, the Parelli Foundation will issue a check for the amount of your grant.
  7. During the term of your grant you must comply with all reporting requirements and other terms of your grant. Reporting is required twice per year.  For more information on reporting requirements, see our reporting form.
  8. Any remaining balance left over after the purpose of your grant is completed, must be returned to the Parelli Foundation.

To preview our grant application, simply start a live application.

The application period for Horse Welfare grants is now closed.  Be sure you are signed up for our newsletter to be notified of the next application period.