Endowment PhotoWhat is an Endowment Fund?

An endowment fund is an investment from donations of money or property which a nonprofit organization uses for the ongoing, long-term support of that organization. Usually the endowment is structured so that the principal amount is kept intact while the investment income is available for use, or part of the principal is released each year, which allows for the donations to have an impact over a longer period than if it were spent all at once. An endowment donation may come with stipulations regarding its usage.

What is the Parelli Foundation Endowment Fund?

The Parelli Foundation Endowment Fund was established by the Board of Directors in July, 2015.  It is a permanent fund designed to ensure the mission of the Parelli Foundation; to help create a better world for horses and humans through natural horsemanship education. The Board of Directors decided that donations to the endowment fund will not be used by the Foundation until the principal in the fund reaches one million dollars.  When this principal anchor amount is reached, the board will set conservative spending rules, with the goal of maintaining or growing the principal amount.

What kind of donations can be made to the Endowment Fund?

Any asset can be donated to the endowment fund including cash, stock, real estate, and other valuable assets.  For donations accepted, the board will ensure that the desires of any endowment donor will be honored, and will maintain the economic value of the principal to the best of its abilities. The board will have final say over acceptance of donations to the fund.

How can I make a donation to the Parelli Foundation Endowment Fund?

Donations can be made through any of our regular donation methods, but must be designated in advance as a donation to the endowment fund.  Because of the extra processing steps necessary for the management of this separate investment, gifts to the Endowment Fund should be valued at $5,000 or more. For more information, or to designate a donation to the endowment fund, Contact Us .