A Heartfelt Thank You to our Donors for 2018-2019

Gallop Level Donors
Kerul Kassel
Kathy Sothern
Atwood Ranch
Canter Level Donors
Ronald C. Czarnecki
Helenmarie Espinosa
Robin Payne-Ryan
M. Morris
Harmony Horsemanship Center
Kris & Terry Fulwiler
Anne Vitunac
Christy Beeghly
Trot Level Donors
Debbie Adcock
Ralph A. Bergquist III
Jean C Wyer
Summer W Bacharach
Mary Mielczarek
Patricia Marzoline
Carolyn Kooken
Running Walk Level Donors
Kay Greeley
Seth and Judy Burgess
Jesse Peters 4 Star Senior Instructor
Ted and Vickie Axton
Walk Level Donors
Lynne & Harley
For the Elias Burr Fund
Jim and Ann Kiser
Molly Maloy & Hugh LaPenotiere
Deborah Mihali
Pat Moses
Loreen O’Hare-Hall
Debra Sisk
Kim Hallin
Gretchen A. Rohde
Anthony and Martha Kroch
Gib Docken
Jacqueline Helton
Dyan Apostolos
Eleanor Nay-Chiles
Legacy Donors
Donna DiGiuseppe
Robin Dym
Paula Knickerbocker
Jean Lewis
Lori Northrup
Gretchen A. Rohde
Dan & Christa Roser
Jean C Wyer
Dave & Karen Silvis
Kelly Robinson
Kris & Terry Fulwiler
Seth and Judy Burgess
Thomas & Anne Dutton
Other Donors
Lorraine F
Marilyn Mociun
Angelia Sapp
Judy Lacey
Starshayde Creations
Angela Leger
Barbara and David McMillan
Elizabeth Austin Asch
Lori Northrup, Golden Stride Walker Ranch
Carol Keys
Marti Szczur

If you are a donor and you are not on this list, your record does not reflect permission for us to list you here.  To change your record and give us permission, click here, and we will add you to this list.