We Put Your Generosity to Work.

At the Parelli Foundation, we strive to put every dollar you donate to work advancing natural horsemanship education in Youth Horsemanship, Therapeutic Horsemanship, Horse Welfare, and Scholarships for the Talented and the Career Minded.

Anna Workman
Anna - Future of Horsemanship
Leg Up Farm
Leg Up Farm - Therapeutic Center

2013 – 2017 Distributions

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Youth Horsemanship $34,490Scholarships and Future of Horsemanship Program1) Anna - Future of Horsemanship
2) Ada -Future of Horsemanship
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Therapeutic Horsemanship$66,557Workshops and grants to Therapeutic Centers1) Therapeutic Horsemanship at Courage Reins
2) Therapeutic Horsemanship at Hope Landing
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Horse Welfare$60,215Rehoming 4 Life and Grants to Horse Rescue Centers1) Solving the Horse Rescue Puzzle
2) Wildfire Cooperation in California
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Scholarships for the Talented and the Career Minded$317,993Tuition for natural horsemanship courses. Erin Fowle - Scholarship RecipientClick Here
Total for All Programs$479,195
Horse Welfare
Horse Welfare
2106 Scholarship Recipients
2016 Scholarship Recipients