Parelli in the Classroom

Parelli in the Classroom

When I was growing up, I had a hard time fitting in at school. Because I grew up without social skills, I dealt with bullying. As a result, my self-esteem was low. From that point on, I wanted to be in control of my life.

Over the years – with support from some wonderful people – I have learned to be more assertive. But the turning point occurred once I became a Parelli Professional; I found my passion, and soon this Right-Brain Introvert became a Right/Left-Brain Extrovert.

Horse Welfare

A Passion for Youth

Children’s dreams are so unique to them and their personality. I wanted to be in the arts: I had a great imagination and loved to perform. As I grew into my pre-teenage years, I, along with many others, went through changes and challenges. My body become awkward, I struggled with the best way to fit in; I made daily decisions such as whether I wanted to lead or follow; be noticed or just stay in the background; was I comfortable with one friend, many, or none at all?