Pat and Wendelin

Wendelin’s Fund

Sad, Tragic, and Unnecessary Outcome for Wendelin. Sadly, after this video was taken, Wendelin was sent to two trainers not related to Parelli Natural Horsemanship. Apparently, these trainers were unable to address behavioral issues that were prohibiting Wendelin from being made available for adoption. Unfortunately, we learned that the decision was later made to euthanize Wendelin, according to the SPCA of Texas, due to behavioral issues.

Canadian Scholarship Fund

Donate in Canada to Benefit Canadians WindReach Farm is a registered Canadian charity.  The Parelli Foundation has entered into an agreement with Windreach Farm to extend our potential for donations and scholarships into Canada.  Donations to the joint Parelli Foundation/WindReach Farm fund are tax deductible for Canadians to the extent allowed by Canadian law.  Dollars raised in…