A Reason to Lead

I’m fascinated with the concept of leadership.  Some people believe that great leaders are born with the inherent skills and personality traits that predispose them to becoming effective leaders. Others say that leadership is a skill (or set of skills) that can be learned, and thus taught.  Perhaps there’s some merit to both theories. But my horses have shown me there’s something much more important than either, and it’s simply this: 

In order to become an effective leader, the individual must have a compelling REASON to lead. 

Ashley Dudas And Romeo

Romeo Has a Future

“I dream’ed a dream to-night,” said Shakespeare’s Romeo: a dream of love reviving life. When Kim Meagher came across Romeo, a terrified three-week-old sorrel bay with his dam at a kill auction, both with gaping wounds, she too dream’ed a dream – that the safe haven she had previously provided for 200 horses would give them both a chance for a future.