Helping create a better world for horses and humans through
natural horsemanship education

The Parelli Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization focusing on education for the natural horsemanship community. The Foundation’s main purpose is to advance natural horsemanship education for students with the dedication and aptitude to become extraordinary horsemen, educators, or both. We offer programs and opportunities to individuals who wish to create careers around horses, as well as offering educational assistance to those focused on youth horsemanship, therapeutic horsemanship, and equine welfare.

The Foundation was originally founded as the Parelli Education Institute, in order to further master horseman Pat Parelli’s vision to create a better world for horses and humans. In the past 30 years, together with his wife Linda and his team of instructors, Pat educated and inspired hundreds of thousands of horse owners, in person and through innovative home-study programs, to be the best they can be for themselves and their horses. The Institute became the Parelli Foundation in 2015.

While the Foundation maintains a close relationship with Parelli Natural Horsemanship, Inc., we operate independently from the commercial organization. We depend on a dedicated community of volunteers and supporters to achieve our purpose and vision. To support our nonprofit Foundation’s effort, we need:

  • People who compete in specific disciplines and put natural horsemanship principles to a very public purpose
  • People with the savvy, talent, and drive to lead other humans and their horses into natural partnerships
  • People who can bring the Parelli approach to natural horsemanship to all areas of the equine industry

In addition to scholarships, the Foundation is also developing educational opportunities for specific audiences. Through the Foundation, organizations and individuals dedicated to youth horsemanship, therapeutic horsemanship, and equine welfare can receive the educational information and support they need to provide their life-changing services safely, effectively and naturally. To learn more about our specialized programs, visit our Programs section. To learn more about how you can help, visit our Volunteer section.

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