Sponsor a Road to the Summit 2017-18 Horse


“Zoe” – 2015 Filly
with 3* Instructor, Jerilyn Caldwell


“Raven” – 2015 Filly
with 3* Instructor, Erin Fowle

Thank you Atwood Ranch for providing these incredibly well-bred two-year-olds.

They will be in development with Parelli Professionals for over a year until 2018.
Two sponsorship opportunities are available.

As a sponsor, you will:

1. Support your horse’s development through your sponsorship fee until she is a three-year-old.
2. Be closely involved with your horse’s development and her Parelli Professional.
3. Have an exclusive opportunity to buy your horse at a reduced price before anyone else.
4. Be able to purchase the other horse at a reduced price, if her sponsor does not buy her.

Read what 2016-17 sponsor Lenchen Leonard has to say about being a sponsor:

“When I learned about the opportunity to sponsor one of the talented Atwood Ranch horses in the 2016/2017 Road To The Summit Event, I wanted in. What a great program! It has given me some amazing experiences: getting to spend time at the Atwood Ranch with Mike and Catherine Sapienza and all the beautiful horses there; learning from the incredible horseman, Rhett Fincher, and spending quality time with him and his lovely wife, Theresa; and watching the supremely talented, athletic and smart filly, Surprise, develop into an exceptional horse under Rhett’s guidance. I am very excited to see these horses showcased at the Festival Magnifico in May, 2017 and I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in sponsoring a horse in the next Road to the Summit event.”

Contact us to discuss sponsoring a horse!
Call 855-687-7273, or see us at one of our events.

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